Dental Abscess is sometimes misdiagnosed as Cemento-Osseous Dysplasia

It has been reported that some patients have been misdiagnosed with Cemento-Osseous Dysplasia, when in fact the correct diagnosis in their specific case was Dental Abscess.

Dental abscess is a pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection. Symptoms include a severe persistent toothache that radiates to the jawbone, neck or ear, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, sensitivity to chewing and biting, fever, swelling of the face or cheek, tender lymph nodes in the neck, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. It can be misdiagnosed as cemento-osseous dysplasia as it appear similarly on dental x-rays. It not properly treated the abscess may rupture and the infection may spread to the jaw, head and neck and cause sepsis.

Always consult your doctor or health professional, and do not self diagnose.

Symptoms can include:

A bad odour chewing on tooth, swelling, gum redness, bad taste, fever, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, puffy gums, swollen lymph nodes, trouble breathing or swallowing

Symptoms are a guideline only and may apply to either the diagnosis or the reported misdiagnosis, or both. Consult your specialist for further information.

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