The back story

Like many ideas, the concept for was born out of a personal experience. Clive France, director of Internetics, the developers behind the project, was given a diagnosis that didn't feel right.

After many months of sleepless nights caused by a pain emanating from his leg that seemed to be intensifying, he attended his doctor. Scans showed the possibility of a DVT, confirmed by a DVT specialist. Treatment commenced. But the pain persisted. Months went by. More scans. The DVT was still the diagnosis.

Almost two and a half years later, after numerous further referrals, tests and scans, further increasing leg pain, and consequent sleep deprivation, he pushed for one more referral to a veinous specialist. It was at this point it was determined the DVT had been misdiagnosed.

It was, in fact, cancer.

During the two to three years leading up to the correct diagnosis, Clive had spent many sleepless nights Googling his symptoms for ideas or solutions. However, the prospect of misdiagnosis seemed inconceivable given all the specialist appointments and scans. Endless months of valuable time squandered on a misdiagnosis while the tumour was allowed to develop.

Consequently, Clive became aware that there needed to be a publicly accessible resource of misdiagnosis data from around the globe and to present the data so that patients can query any aspect of it. 

To be able to search a diagnosis, or someone's previous misdiagnosis, or indeed any of the symptoms in between the two, could be potentially life-changing information to someone like Clive. seeks to increase awareness about misdiagnosis and medical diagostic errors, and to help foster discussion between patients and their specialists.

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