How to use this site

The role of is not to play doctor. Or to diagnose patients. The project is designed to open one's mind to the possibility of misdiagnosis - to empower the patient or caregiver to ask questions of their practitioners, to raise awareness - knowledge gain. Given the frequency of medical diagnostic errors, these are questions worth asking. data is patient/caregiver generated. Use the project starting point for further analysis and discussion.
As a user of the myMisdiagnosis project, it is likely you fall into one of two groups:
Information providers:
1. You or someone you care for or medically provide for has been the subject of a misdiagnosis, and you'd like to contribute that information to the project to assist others in their health journeys. Please complete our simple registration process and add a misdiagnosis record if that's you. You enter as much or as little as you like, and you do this using a pseudonym that you can create at registration. Click 'Register' above to start the process.
Patients / caregivers:
2. You are a patient, carer or medical provider looking to research previous misdiagnoses, the symptoms and conclusions that seemed to support that conclusion, and the correct eventual diagnosis.
If this is you, please start a search from the box on the home page. As you begin to type, potential records will present themselves. The incorrect diagnosis is marked with an exclamation mark (!), and the correct eventual diagnosis is marked with a tick (√). 
Or go straight our diagnosis records page. Here you'll find an A-Z list of diagnoses, and when you click into them, you'll discover misdiagnoses that have been sometimes been reported instead of the final and correct diagnosis. This information is not designed to diagnose you, just to foster further duscussion and exploration/elimination.
If one of the diagnoses presented is the same as yours, click on the record and see if any information is helpful to your situation.
Also, if you have searched on your symptoms you can traverse the database of misdiagnoses and diagnoses.