Mouth Ulcer is sometimes misdiagnosed as Cold Sore

It has been reported that some patients have been misdiagnosed with Cold Sore, when in fact the correct diagnosis in their specific case was Mouth Ulcer.

Mouth ulcers are generally harmless, and they tend to go away on their own within 2 weeks. If the ulcers are cause by herpes simplex infection, a topical treatment may be required.

Always consult your doctor or health professional, and do not self diagnose.

Symptoms can include:

Painful sore/s on mouth lining, swollen skin around sores, problems with chewing, sore irritated by salty or spicy or sour foods, loss of appetite

Symptoms are a guideline only and may apply to either the diagnosis or the reported misdiagnosis, or both. Consult your specialist for further information.

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