Labyrinthitis is sometimes misdiagnosed as Heart Disease

It has been reported that some patients have been misdiagnosed with Heart Disease, when in fact the correct diagnosis in their specific case was Labyrinthitis.

Labyrinthitis is a type of balance disorder that is usually caused by a viral inner ear infection. It can cause symptoms of dizziness, blurry vision, light-headedness, nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ear and hearing loss. The only treatment is to treat the cause of the inner ear infection itself. As it causes a balance disorder so it can be mistaken for vestibular neuritis which is inflammation of the vestibular nerve. The nerve that sends messages to the brain.

Always consult your doctor or health professional, and do not self diagnose.

Symptoms can include:

Hearing loss, ringing in ears, dizziness, feeling unsteady and off balance, feeling or being sick

Symptoms are a guideline only and may apply to either the diagnosis or the reported misdiagnosis, or both. Consult your specialist for further information.

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