Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is sometimes misdiagnosed as Sinus Problems

It has been reported that some patients have been misdiagnosed with Sinus Problems, when in fact the correct diagnosis in their specific case was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Chronic fatigue syndrome cannot be diagnosed by a specific test. The symptoms overlap with many other disorders. There is a specific criteria outlined for the diagnosis. The fatigue should be very severe that it hinders daily activities. The symptoms are not relive by rest are not lifelong. Finally they are worsened by phycsical activity or mental exertion. In addition to the above , the patient must have problems with focus, concentration or memory or experience dziness. Symptoms must be present for a period of at least six months.

Always consult your doctor or health professional, and do not self diagnose.

Symptoms can include:

Persistent fatigue, unexplained muscle or joint pain, dizziness, unrefreshing sleep, extreme exhaustion after physical or mental exercise, problems with memory or concentration, sore throat, headaches, enlarged lymph nodes in neck or armpits

Symptoms are a guideline only and may apply to either the diagnosis or the reported misdiagnosis, or both. Consult your specialist for further information.

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