Empowering Patients

myMisdiagnosis.com is a publicly accessible resource of misdiagnosis data from around the globe and presents the data so that patients and carers can query any aspect of it. It is made up of patient provided data and research.
To be able to search a diagnosis, a previous misdiagnosis, or any of the symptoms in between the two, the resulting conclusions could be potentially life-changing information for the right person. 
The internet is abundant with detailed medical information, and we are better informed than ever before. Searching for symptoms, medical reports, and studies is fast and straightforward. So before a patient sets foot in a doctors surgery or hospital, they are often aware of their medical position and potential outcomes.
But given that reports suggest that up to one in seven medical misdiagnoses are incorrect, there appears to be a lack of easily accessible information about what led to that misdiagnosis and the key signs and symptoms that went unnoticed or ignored. To traverse that chain of information - could assist the patient or carer in ensuring that all aspects of their situation are being given due consideration. 
The myMisdiagnosis project has been set up to try and fill that void.